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Aug 18, 2021

Deon Wiggett woke up one day in 2017 with a startling realization.  He had blocked out a traumatic experience from his past; he had been sexually abused as a teen by a schoolteacher.  Anger turned to action and the result is a beautifully produced podcast about justice, activism and revenge, told in the most artful...

Aug 11, 2021

In South Africa a school teacher was assassinated in front of her class by hit-men.  Who would take out a contract on a school teacher. That's what Paul McNally wanted to find out when he Season 2 of his gripping podcast Alibi.   Dakota Spotlight spoke with Paul from his home in South Africa. 

 Listen to Alibi Season 2,...

Aug 4, 2021

Interview with crime reporter Dan Box about his podcast Bowraville.  Three aboriginal children were murdered in a small Australian town.  All three vanished from the same street.  

With his podcast Bowraville, Dan Box teamed up with The Australian went looking for answers. 

Bowraville Podcast

Looking for a licensed...

Jul 28, 2021

Interview with Eric Carter-Landin of True Consequences podcast. Eric's brother Jacob was murdered over 30 years ago and justice has not been served.  I talk with Eric about the ethics of creating true crime content in this very popular yet problematic genre.

True Consequences 

Dakota Spotlight

True crime in

Jul 21, 2021

When Kirra McLoughlin died her boyfriend said she must have overdosed on prescription drugs.  That didn't explain the over one hundred bruises on her body however.  And yet, nobody has been charged with Kirra's death.  

That didn't sit well with Jamie Pultz.  He had met Kirra once at his former job, back when he was a...