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Nov 2, 2022

Episode 9: Vandalism, hang-up phone calls, strange occurrences, just before she vanished from the face of the earth Michele ‘Shelly’ Julson was feeling harassed. She told friends one person harassing her at work was a Bismarck, ND police officer named Donald Schaffer.  In this episode we look into Donald Schaffer and learn about his violent past and criminal record.  We also discuss some questions and comments from listeners. 

In 1994 26-year-old Michele Julson dropped off her young son at his paternal grandparents home so she could run some errands in Bismarck, North Dakota. She wanted to pick up her paycheck and possibly play some bingo. She was expected back in just hours.   Shelly never returned.  What happened to Shelly Julson?

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