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Aug 16, 2020

Episode 6: In a 2020 interview, the girl with the little red car tells all. 

Learn about Misty Jones, her early path to a party life and her personal struggles since the Erickstad homicides.

We get answers about Rick Storhaug, Ryan Werner and what went on inside the house on Sweet and Seventh

Finally Misty recounts...

Aug 15, 2020

Episode 5:  Not unlike Cinderella’s slipper, a bloody shoe fits and Robert and Brian are apprehended and returned to North Dakota to await trial. 

The search for the fugitives may be over but the insanity is just beginning.  ‘Manson-like’ and disturbing, the East Sweet crew ramp up their support for the killers...

Aug 14, 2020

Episode 4:   While Detective Bob Haas and the medical examiner start putting the pieces together, detective Steve Lundin has a very frustrating second interview with Misty’s boyfriend Rick Storhaug. 

Timeline:  Follow along as we dissect the many antics the East Sweet crew were up to on Wednesday, September 16th, 1998...

Aug 13, 2020

Episode 3:  As a key witness is patiently questioned by the police, the awful truth finally floats to the surface and the 'innocence' of Bismarck, North Dakota begins to slowly drown. 

For many, it's never been quite the same since half of the Bismarck Police department traveled 40 miles south of Mandan in search of two...

Aug 12, 2020

Episode 2:   When Bismarck police detective Lloyd Halvorson learned that 18 year old Brian Erickstad and 27 year old Robert Lawrence were wanted for questioning, he knew exactly where to go: the corner of Sweet and 7th in downtown Bismarck.

It should have been easy to find answers.  All they had to do was interview a...