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Nov 16, 2019

While waiting on Season 2 to be released, I’m releasing an edited version of a story I did in 2015 about a young boy with a dream, and the town that got behind him in 1976.

Also a short word on Season 2.


Oct 5, 2019

In this update about Victor Newberry I share the difficulties I experienced when attempting to speak with anyone at the Morton County State’s attorney’s office about Victor’s case.

I also interview Andy Zachmeier, Morton County Commissioner (And Police officer) who shares his thoughts on Victor’s death.


Sep 24, 2019

Curiosity.  What is it really?

Some say it is ‘an appetite for knowledge, information, and understanding.’  Others say, Curiosity killed the cat.’

NASA sent a Rover named Curiosity all the way to Mars.  It’s been exploring that planet since 2012, gathering data and collecting images, just to feed our thirst for...

May 19, 2019

In this update/bonus episode.

  1. A little about Season Two – Zeeland
  2. We hear some feedback from listeners who share their varying opinions about Tiffany’s behavior.
  3. James interview’s Gabrielle Goter, Morton County assistant state’s attorney about preservation of evidence, open records requests, who decides if a...

May 15, 2019

A sneak peak at Season Two ZEELAND

Coming ‘soon’ (mid to late summer)

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